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Published: November 21, 2022
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Check out our sections and forums for a deeper dive into unique practice areas and a focus on professional needs.

ASHP sections and forums are membership communities that focus on unique areas of practice and professional needs, allowing for more in-depth collaboration on issues, interests, and national trends. As an ASHP member, you can join as many sections as you wish for free, with full access to specialized news, information, and services for each group:

Section of Ambulatory Care Practitioners: Supporting pharmacists who are medication-use specialists, patient care providers, and operational specialists in ambulatory care settings. More information

Section of Clinical Specialists and Scientists: Representing clinical experts and advocates for practice advancement by creating and translating scientific advances into practice. More information

Section of Community Pharmacy Practitioners: Welcoming pharmacy professionals who practice in community/ambulatory pharmacy-based settings and who are involved in direct patient care, leadership and management, and implementation of advanced practice models and education. More information

Section of Inpatient Care Practitioners: Creating opportunities for front-line pharmacists, inpatient care practitioners, and medication safety officers in diverse practice settings. More information

NEW! Section of Digital and Telehealth Practitioners: Providing a unique new membership home for pharmacists, pharmacy residents, pharmacy technicians, and all who are currently practicing or aspire to practice in telehealth and virtual care settings where current and emerging digital healthcare technologies and data are being utilized for the betterment of patient care. More information

Section of Pharmacy Educators: Leading the preparation of the pharmacy workforce and providing a unique and distinct membership home and leadership voice within ASHP for pharmacy school faculty, deans, and preceptors who are involved in the training of pharmacists. More information

Section of Pharmacy Informatics and Technology: Connecting pharmacy informaticists who share common professional interests and goals. More information

Section of Pharmacy Practice Leaders: Enabling the effective management of pharmacy resources, maximizing the safety of medication use systems, developing staff and future leaders, and promoting the pharmacist’s role in patient care. More information

Section of Specialty Pharmacy Practitioners: Providing an enhanced focus to optimize patient care and comprehensive medication management in the specialty pharmacy environment. More information

New practitioners, residents, student pharmacists, and technicians are automatically enrolled in their respective forum but may also join any of the sections listed above.

New Practitioners Forum: Helping pharmacists within the first five years of practice transition by providing an opportunity for collaboration and professional development. More information

Pharmacy Student Forum: Providing support regarding residency information, leadership development, and career options, while cultivating a community of engaged student members. More information

Pharmacy Technician Forum: Enhancing the voice and engagement of pharmacy technicians to help further advance their careers and roles as members of the interprofessional patient care team. More information

Posted November 21, 2022

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