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ASHP PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATESâ„ : A Versatile Professional Development Opportunity for Individuals, Institutions, and Schools of Pharmacy

Published: October 27, 2023
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ASHP PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATESSM were developed in direct response to the need for high-quality professional development opportunities for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and other healthcare personnel on specific clinical, practice, administrative, and career development topics. Each certificate consists of a series of online learning modules. Participants claim continuing education credit as each module is completed and then pass a comprehensive exam or practice exercise to earn the professional certificate.

Earning an ASHP professional certificate is separate and distinct from pursuing board certification. Professional certificate curricula are developed to enhance a learner’s knowledge and increase skills in specific practice or career development subjects. Professional certificates are designed for pharmacy professionals or other healthcare professionals who want to advance their practice. Professional certificates do not require an accredited residency or a minimum number of years of practice to complete the activities and earn a certificate.

Institutions and large health systems are recognizing the benefits of acquiring a customized catalog of professional certificates for their pharmacy personnel. Directors and managers have administrator access to review employee progress, key benchmarks, and certificate completion. Colleges of pharmacy are also considering using professional certificates to supplement topics that are more challenging to adequately cover in school curricula. ASHP PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATESSM have a significant impact on the training of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians around the globe. Professional certificates are widely used around the world, helping support the skill and knowledge development of all practicing pharmacy professionals.

If you’re coming to the Midyear, visit the ASHP Store & Product Showcase or the ASHP Experience Center to learn more about our professional certificates. Or visit us online for a complete list of all current and upcoming certificates.


Posted October 27, 2023

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