Get New Resources on Change Healthcare Cyberattack

Published: March 15, 2024
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ASHP has received new information, including how to apply for temporary funding assistance, to deal with the fallout from the Change Healthcare cyberattack. The below resources were provided by Optum Rx following ASHP CEO Paul W. Abramowitz’s March 14 meeting with Optum Rx leaders.

Get updates on the timeline for restoring payments and claims.

Optum Rx said Thursday that payment functions are expected to be restored today. Claims adjudication is expected to be restored the week of March 18. For current timeline updates, visit the Change Healthcare Cyber Response site.

Need help bridging the gap in short-term cash flow?

Find out if you’re eligible for financial support here.

Get workarounds for claims and payment submissions and guidance on prior authorizations.

Visit UnitedHealthcare’s Provider Portal Pharmacy Network.

Need help submitting claims or securely uploading larger files?

Learn more about Optum iEDI secure data transfer.

Still having trouble with electronic prescribing?

Optum Rx says electronic prescribing is now functional but is continuing to work on issues for a subset of pharmacies that are still offline, disruption for infusion pharmacies, and challenges for some Medicaid fee-for-service customers. Optum Rx recommends checking the Change Healthcare Cyber Response site for updates.

Looking for someone to contact directly?

Email client services at [email protected] and direct accounts payable inquiries to [email protected]

ASHP continues to monitor this issue. Please reach out with additional questions and concerns to ASHP’s Jillanne Schulte Wall at [email protected] so that we can communicate this information to Change Healthcare and SureScripts.

Optum Rx (the parent company of Change Healthcare) and UnitedHealth Group (the parent company of Optum Rx) have committed to sharing information with ASHP and its members about restoration of service and financial resources available to health systems and pharmacies.

Posted March 15, 2024

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