ASHP in the News

ASHP in the News
America's Life-Threatening Drug Shortages Reach Record Highs
The Washington Times (April 2, 2024)    
Which OTC Health Products Are Best? New Report Claims to Know
WebMD (March 28, 2024)     
California Patients in Pain Amid Prescription Opioid Shortage. What's Causing the Issue?
KCRA3 (February 15, 2024)    
Flovent Inhalers Discontinued—Here's What People with Asthma Should Know
Health (January 4, 2024)    
What's Causing the Unusually High Number of Drug Shortages in the U.S. 
PBS NewsHour (November 5, 2023)   
The Collateral Damage of A.D.H.D. Drug Shortages
The New York Times (August 15, 2023)  
Drug Shortages Not Only Exacerbate Healthcare Burnout But Can Also Harm Patient Care
MedCity News (August 15, 2023)   
Survey: 99% of Hospital Pharmacists Experiencing Drug Shortages
HealthLeaders (August 14, 2023)  
White House Drug Shortages Task Force MIA with Lawmakers While Congress Works on Fixes
Stat (August 11, 2023)  
ASHP Survey: 1 in 3 Hospital Pharmacists Managing Critical Drug Shortages
Pharmacy Practice News (August 11, 2023) 
More Hospital Pharmacists Are Rationing Drugs Due to Increasing Shortages
Stat (August 11, 2023)     
As Drug Shortage List Grows, Many Hospitals Face Tough Decisions on Rationing Care
USA Today (August 10, 2023)     
U.S. Hospital Pharmacists Ration Drugs As Shortages Persist - Survey
Reuters (August 10, 2023)    
Nearly All Hospital Pharmacists Say Drug Shortages Are Negatively Impacting Care; A Third Say Impacts Are Critical
CNN (August 10, 2023)   
1 in 3 U.S. Hospitals Severely Impacted by Drug Shortages, Survey Finds
NBC News (August 10, 2023)    
Anti-venom Shortage for Black Widow Spider Bites May be Ending
The Washington Post (August 7, 2023)     
Damaged Pfizer Plant Remains Closed as Worries Mount About Shortages of Sterile Injectables (Subscription Required)
Endpoints News (July 24, 2023)    
Tornado Damage at Pfizer Facility Threatens to Make Critical Drug-Supply Shortages Even Worse, Experts Say (Subscription Required)
MarketWatch (July 22, 2023)   
Tornado that Struck Pfizer Plant Ripped Through Warehouse Where Drugs Were Stored
NBC News (July 21, 2023)    
Tornado Damage at Pfizer's North Carolina Plant was Mostly at Warehouse, CEO Says
Reuters (July 21, 2023)    
Tornado Tears Through Pfizer's N.C. Site, Threatening Crucial Drug Supplies
The New York Times (July 21, 2023)   
Damage to Pfizer Plant Highlights Vulnerable Supply Chain (Subscription Required)
Modern Healthcare (July 20, 2023)  
How Will Pfizer Plant's Tornado Damage Impact Congress's Drug Shortages Debate?
The Pink Sheets (July 20, 2023)  
Tornado Damage to Pfizer Plant Will Probably Create Long-Term Shortages of Some Drugs Hospitals Need
Associated Press (July 20, 2023)   
Tornado Damage to Pfizer Plant Could Worsen Drug Shortages
The Hill (July 20, 2023)   
Tornado Damage to North Carolina Pfizer Plant Will Create Long-Term Shortages of Certain Drugs, Experts Fear
Fox Business (July 20, 2023)    
Anxiety Mediation: Types and Side Effects
Forbes Health (May 18, 2023)    
Pharmacies are Still Turning People Away as the Adderall Shortage Continues
NBC News (April 20, 2023)   
The Adderall Shortage Is Taking a Toll on These People
The Wall Street Journal (April 13, 2023) 
CDC Warns About Drug-Resistant Stomach Infections
Formulary Watch (March 3, 2023)  
Adderall Shortage Impacting Millions of Americans
NBC News Nightly News with Lester Holt (February 16, 2023)  
A Look at 5 Pharma Bills Backed by the ASHP
Becker's Hospital Review (February 14, 2023) 
ASHP CEO Urges Biden Administration to Utilize Pharmacists as Care Providers in Opioid Epidemic
Drug Topics (February 13, 2023)
Drug Shortages Aren't New. The Tripledemic Just Made You Look
Wired (January 11, 2023)   
Triple-demic of Flu, RSV, and COVID-19 
Today (December 13, 2022)    
2023 Pharmacy Forecast Predicts Artificial Intelligence Can Help Reshape Health-Systems
Pharmacy Times (December 6, 2022)   
ASHP Studies Find Patients Welcome Hormonal Birth Control Access to Pharmacists
Pharmacy Times (December 6, 2022)   
More States Are Allowing Pharmacists to Prescribe Birth Control
HealthDay (December 6, 2022)  
Shortages of Antivirals, Antibiotics Compound Stress of a Rough Season for Viral Illnesses in Kids
CNN Health (November 22, 2022)     
Amoxicillin is in Short Supply Amid Rise in RSV Cases
Modern Healthcare (November 3, 2022)     
Amoxicillin is in Short Supply; What to Do If You Need It
CNN Newsource (November 3, 2022)    
Amoxicillin in Shortage Due to Increased Demand
Formulary Watch (November 3, 2022)   
FDA: Increased Demand for Amoxicillin Caused Reported Shortages (Subscription Required)
Inside Health Policy (November 2, 2022)  
High Demand for Amoxicillin is Causing Shortages Amid Child RSV Surge
The Washington Post (November 2, 2022) 
There's a Shortage of Some Amoxicillin, FDA Says (Subscription Required)
The Wall Street Journal (November 1, 2022)    
FDA Confirms Amoxicillin Shortage
Becker's Hospital Review (October 31, 2022)  
Updated: A Shortage of Amoxicillin is Now Being Reported by Several Manufacturers (Subscription Required)
Endpoints News (October 31, 2022)  
Some Forms of Popular Antibiotic Amoxicillin in Short Supply, Likely Due to Increased Demand
CNN Health (October 28, 2022)   
Congress Needs to Preserve Seniors' Access to Pharmacist Care
STAT (September 15, 2022)  
ASHP Urges HHS to Issue PREP Act Declaration Enabling Pharmacists to Administer Monkeypox Vaccines
Pharmacy Times (August 5, 2022)   
Pharmacists Play Key Role in Counseling Patients About Monkeypox
Pharmacy Times (August 5, 2022)   
Now That Monkeypox is a Public Health Emergency, Can Vaccine Supply Problems Be Fixed?
Pharmacy Practice News (August 4, 2022)   
American Society of Health-System Pharmacists Updates Drug Diversion Guidelines
Becker's Hospital Review (August 4, 2022)   
Abortion Drug Bans Make Pharmacies Wary of Common Arthritis Pill
Bloomberg Law (July 14, 2022)  

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