Pawlicki Elected President of ASHP

Published: August 2, 2018

Butler, Kasbekar Elected to Board of Directors

Kathleen S. Pawlicki, B.S.Pharm., M.S., R.Ph., FASHP, has been elected as ASHP’s new President-elect. Kristina (Kristy) L. Butler, Pharm.D., B.S.Pharm., BCACP, FASHP, FOSHP, and Nishaminy (Nish) Kasbekar, Pharm.D., B.S.Pharm., FASHP, were elected to serve on the ASHP Board of Directors.

Pawlicki is Vice President and Chief Pharmacist at Beaumont Health in Michigan. She has served as a Michigan delegate in the ASHP House of Delegates and as a member of the ASHP Board of Directors, Council on Pharmacy Management, Committee on Nominations, and Task Force on Organizational Structure. She is a Past Chair of the Section of Pharmacy Practice Managers and also served as Chair of the Task Force on Caring for Patients Served by Specialty Suppliers. She is a member of the Michigan Board of Pharmacy and was named the 2018 Michigan Pharmacist of the Year.

Dr. Butler is Manager of Clinical Pharmacy Specialists for Providence Medical Group Oregon Region, in Portland, Ore. She has served as Chair of both the Section of Ambulatory Care Practitioners and the Council on Public Policy, was a member of the Ambulatory Care Conference & Summit Consensus Recommendations Panel, and served as an Oregon delegate in the ASHP House of Delegates.

Dr. Kasbekar is Director of Pharmacy at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center in Philadelphia. She has served on the AJHP Editorial Board, as Chair of the Council on Pharmacy Practice, Chair of the Section of Pharmacy Practice Managers Advisory Group on Multi-Hospital Pharmacy Executives, was a member of the Women in Pharmacy Leadership Steering Committee, and served as a Pennsylvania delegate in the ASHP House of Delegates.

Pawlicki will begin her term immediately. Butler and Kasbekar will begin their three-year terms in June 2019.

ASHP thanks the members of the Board of Canvassers for their work to certify the election results. The members of the Board of Canvassers are Frank Sosnowski (Chair), Ted Friedman, Elizabeth Shlom, and Karen Vitacolonna Falk.


Posted August 2, 2018

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