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ASHP Releases Updated Statement on Professionalism

Published: May 2, 2022
ASHP Press Release

Builds on Document First Released in 2007

Today, ASHP released its revised Statement on Professionalism, which includes contemporary concepts that are built on the foundation of the original statement that was first developed by ASHP in 2007.

The ASHP Statement on Professionalism addresses the responsibilities of all members of the pharmacy workforce, including pharmacists, students, interns, residents, and pharmacy technicians.

The statement notes that professionalism is achieved by consistent demonstration of core values and guiding principles to obtain desired health and wellness outcomes and must be embodied by the pharmacy workforce.

The statement calls for the pharmacy workforce to:

  • Commit to serving humanity,
  • Create an equitable and inclusive healthcare system and society,
  • Resolve conflicts in a professional manner,
  • Pursue continuous professional development and leadership development,
  • Engage in professional associations and advocacy,
  • Develop analytical thinking, ethical reasoning, and effective interpersonal skills, and
  • Foster personal well-being and resilience.

The revised statement emphasizes that all forms of discrimination, harassment, and malicious behaviors such as intimidation or exploitation go against the core beliefs of the pharmacy profession. Among the changes confronting the pharmacy profession are the need to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in healthcare and foster diversity, equity, and inclusion. The revisions to the statement place major emphasis on these important matters and establish a strong expectation for leadership by the pharmacy workforce to address them within the profession and throughout society.

The statement also recognizes that the increased use of social media blurs public and private personas, and there is a need for members of the pharmacy workforce to integrate the principles of professionalism throughout their use of and engagement in digital media.

The revised statement will be published in AJHP and ASHP Best Practices. 




Posted May 2, 2022

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