ASHP CEO Meets with Optum Rx, Gets More Information on Change Healthcare Cyberattack

Published: March 14, 2024
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Today, ASHP CEO Paul W. Abramowitz met with Optum Rx CEO Patrick Conway to discuss the fallout from the Change Healthcare cyberattack. This conversation follows ASHP's discussion with Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra earlier this week.

Consistent with our prior advocacy regarding the cyberattack, ASHP’s conversation with Optum Rx addressed the need to restore claims and reimbursement quickly, and provide financial support and flexibility to patients, hospitals, and pharmacies disrupted by the attack.

Takeaways from the discussion:

  • What is the anticipated timeline for restoration of payment and claims adjudication?
    • Optum Rx payment functions are expected to be restored tomorrow, March 15, and claims adjudication is expected to be restored the week of March 18.
  • How will UnitedHealth Group and Optum Rx provide financial support to providers and pharmacies while payers work through payment backlogs created by the cyberattack?
    • UnitedHealth Group has established financial support programs for both hospitals and pharmacies. ASHP will share links to these resources with its members in a follow-up communication.
    • During our discussion with HHS yesterday, Secretary Becerra and other HHS senior leaders directed payers to provide advance payment to providers for patient care provided in good faith during the cyberattack.
  • Manufacturer patient assistance programs that rely on copay cards have been disrupted. This impacts patients’ ability to access medications. When will this service be restored?
    • Optum Rx expects approximately 50% of copay cards to be functional as of today and is working to restore others.
  • Some states require electronic prescribing of controlled substances. Disruption of this functionality directly impacts patient care. Is this functionality fully restored?
    • Yes, electronic prescribing, including for controlled substances, is fully restored.
    • If ASHP members are continuing to experience e-prescribing challenges related to the cyberattack, please email ASHP’s Jillanne Schulte Wall at [email protected] so that we can communicate this information to Change Healthcare and SureScripts.

Optum Rx (the parent company of Change Healthcare) and UnitedHealth Group (the parent company of Optum Rx) have committed to sharing information with ASHP and its members about restoration of service and financial resources available to hospitals and pharmacies. ASHP will continue its advocacy with payers and HHS and will share these resources with members as they become available.

Posted March 14, 2024

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