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Celebrating Generosity through the ASHP Foundation Donor Recognition Societies

Published: November 11, 2022
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The donor recognition societies celebrate the impact that your giving has on the ASHP Foundation's ability to support the pharmacy profession.

The ASHP Foundation greatly values the generosity and loyalty of our donors through our exclusive Donor Recognition Societies. These societies are one way for us to thank our many generous and steadfast donors. Through our distinct donor benefits and privileges, we show our appreciation and recognize you for your commitment to the ASHP Foundation. 

We understand that there are various ways in which our donors can support the ASHP Foundation. And through our donor recognition societies, we acknowledge generosity, loyalty, leadership, and legacy in giving.

Our donor recognition societies celebrate the impact that your giving has on the Foundation’s ability to support the pharmacy profession and fund research, leadership, and educational initiatives that advance pharmacy practice and improve safety and health outcomes for patients across the country.

A full description of our donor societies can be viewed on our website, and below is a brief summary of each:

Annual Giving Societies 

Oddis Society:  Recognizes all donors who generously donate $1,000 or more to the ASHP Foundation on an annual basis. 

Friends of Pharmacy Circle:  Recognizes the commitment of those who contribute monthly through a recurring giving program to the ASHP Foundation each year, regardless of the amount of their donation.

1968 Society: Recognizes loyal donors who give 3+ consecutive years, with donations of any amount. This society is not about how much you give; it's about the simple act of giving, year after year. 

New Professionals Visionary Society: Recognizes donors who are beginning their professional careers in pharmacy. These include residents and new practitioner pharmacists (5 or less years in practice) on an annual basis, no matter the amount of the donation. 

Student Philanthropic Society:  Recognizes our student donors on an annual basis, no matter the amount of the donation. 

Lifetime Giving Societies

Lifetime Giving Societies: Our four lifetime giving societies, Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire, and Pearl, are the ASHP Foundation’s most prestigious donor recognition societies. These societies recognize specific levels of donations on a lifetime basis to honor the commitment, involvement, and cumulative giving of our most generous supporters. The ASHP Foundation is grateful for the support of our most committed donors, and we celebrate them through our lifetime giving societies.

Legacy Society: Recognizes donors who have expressed their commitment and named the ASHP Foundation as the beneficiary of a planned gift such as a bequest in a will or trust, or a gift of life insurance. 

The ASHP Foundation is 100% donor supported, and thanks to our generous donors, the Foundation continues to inspire change and innovation in pharmacy practice.    

Posted November 11, 2022

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