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RPDC Workshops Go Virtual

Published: November 15, 2022
ASHP's Residency Program Design and Conduct (RPDC) Workshop members

Check out our lineup of virtual workshops for early 2023.

Our Residency Program Design and Conduct (RPDC) Workshops are the most popular way to get in-depth and expert advice on improving and expanding your programs.

Now offered virtually in early 2023! These virtual workshops are designed for the various stages of a residency program and provide an intensive, in-depth review of residency tools, guidelines, and best practices for new and existing programs.

Each workshop will review accreditation standards for the design and conduct of a residency program, including requirements related to program purpose, competency areas, goals and objectives, program structure, learning experiences, orientation, use of preceptor roles, evaluation, resident development plans, and continuous residency program improvement.

Workshops are available for the following programs:

  • PGY1 New Pograms
  • PGY1 Existing Programs
  • PGY2 New Programs
  • PGY2 Existing Programs

Participants will be able to:

  1. Identify the purpose and competency areas for a pharmacy residency and related accreditation requirements.
  2. Describe accreditation requirements for residency program structure and orientation.
  3. Describe accreditation requirements for learning experiences and their written descriptions, including requirements for resident learning activities.
  4. In specified scenarios, identify the most appropriate preceptor role to use with a resident.
  5. Distinguish whether examples of formative and summative feedback to residents meet accreditation requirements.
  6. In given examples, determine whether portions of resident development plans meet accreditation requirements, and identify ways to improve the plans.
  7. Describe accreditation requirements for continuous residency program improvement.

Visit for the latest information on virtual workshops dates and registration. 

Posted November 15, 2022

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